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Manufacturer’s Installation and Use Instructions

Caution: The NTI Global Solar Blanket is not a safety device. The Solar Blanket is not designed to support the weight of a person. It is possible to drown on top of the Solar Blanket. The Solar Blanket must be removed before swimming. Children should be supervised in order to assure that the Solar Blanket has been completely removed. It is possible to get caught under the Solar Blanket and drown if the Blanket is not properly removed from the pool before swimming.

Installation: The solar pool cover is installed on the pool with the bubbles facing down and the smooth side up. To ensure proper fitting, the cover should be left floating in the pool for 2 to 4 days to remove the packaging creases. Exercise caution when cutting your solar cover to fit around curves and angles of your pool; scissors or other cutting devices may damage pool liners. The solar cover can be cut easily with household scissors to fit the angles and curves of the pool walls. Before cutting the cover, make an outline of your pool walls with a marker on your solar cover. For all types of pools remove the cover from the pool after making the outline and begin trimming away from the vinyl liner. It is better to cut the cover larger than necessary, then give it a final trimming for an exact fit after a day or two. Once the cover is cut correctly, it should not require grommets, ties or weights to keep it in place. With the bubble side facing down, your solar pool cover should float in place on the water through wind and heavy rains.

Maintenance and Care: It is important that you follow these instructions in order to assure that your warranty remains valid.

1. Protect the Cover While Swimming – The Solar Blanket MUST be protected from the sunlight when it is removed from the pool. The best way to protect your Solar Blanket is to place it in the shade or cover it with a white opaque protective cover when the Solar Blanket is not in use. DELAMINATION DUE TO IMPROPER EXPOSURE OF THE SOLAR BLANKET TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT (WHEN OFF THE POOL) WILL RESULT IN VOIDING THE ENCLOSED WARRANTY!

2. Care in Handling – To prevent damage to the Solar Blanket, the blanket should be carefully lifted over abrasive pool decks or coping or any sharp, ragged surface.

3. High Temperatures – Water temperatures above 90 degrees F. may shorten the life of your Solar Blanket. If pool temperatures rise above 90 degrees F. the Solar Blanket should be removed. NTI GLOBAL DOES NOT WARRANTY IF USED IN COVERING SPAS AND OR POOLS IN WHICH TEMPERATURES EXCEED 90 DEGREES F. Your Solar Blanket should not be stored in an area where temperatures might reach 120 degrees F. BLANKET DEFECTS CAUSED BY EXPOSING THE BLANKET TO THE SUN OR EXCESSIVE HEAT WHILE OFF THE POOL (AS DISCUSSED ABOVE) ARE NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY.

4. Cleaning – A clean Solar Blanket is more efficient than a dirty one and will allow more of the sun’s rays to pass through the blanket to heat your pool water. Use water and a soft brush to clean your blanket. To keep your pool cleaner, promptly dispose of dirt and debris after hosing off the dirt and leaves from the floating Solar Blanket.

5. Storage – Clean your Solar Blanket and allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. Fold it on the seams and roll it from one end. Place the blanket in a clean, dry, rodent-free area where temperatures will NOT reach 120 Degrees F.

6. DO NOT leave your Solar Blanket on the pool after the swimming season ends. The cover is not a winter cover and its life may be severely shortened by winter conditions.

7. Chemicals – The level of chlorine should be monitored to make sure it does not rise above 3 parts per million (PPM). If you must raise the chlorine level to more than 3 PPM, then remove your Solar Blanket from the pool to extend the useful life of the blanket. DAMAGE CAUSED BY EXCESSIVE CHLORINE EXPOSURE IS EXCLUDED FROM THIS WARRANTY.