Miller Weldmaster M-100 For Sale

M-100 Purchased by NTI Global in 2011 direct from Miller Weldmaster has seen only 18 months use and is in near mint condition!


Ideal for:

Geothermal covers/tarps
Tarpaulin Manufacturing
Keder Tent Panels for fabric structures
Solar Pool Covers
And more!

The Miller Weldmaster M-100 multi-sealing system will be designed to pay-off fabric panels directly off roll, delivered from 4 customer supplied unwind stands. The M-100, with a 24 ft throat capacity, will have the ability to weld up to 4 fabric panels together, utilizing 3 overlap welds. While the M-100 is welding the footage counter is keeping track to the product length. When product reaches desired set point the machine will stop the welding process and cut the product to length. Welding will resume as soon as the cutter lifts to return to the home position. Product will feed out of the M-100 and naturally fanfold onto the floor or customer supplied pallet. If you are interested in more details about this machine please contact us at 800-947-7767 or by email at: To view photos, features and specifications of this machine please visit the following page:



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