Common Questions

Fabric Converting Common Questions

▪    Q: What is the maximum diameter of a master roll you can accept?

▪    A: Master roll maximums will vary based on the product. However, we generally do not accept master rolls with a diameter of more than 60″

▪    Q: I have 10′ wide material. Can you fold that in half?

▪    A: Yes, we also have folding services available.

▪    Q: We need all goods to be marked with our corporate logo and material batch number. Can one print accomplish this?

▪    A: Yes. To achieve this you will need (1) die with your corporate logo, and (1) die with the batch number. NTI Global provides these dies for a nominal fee.

▪    Q: What is the largest logo I can have printed?

▪    A: The largest die available is 12″ x 22″ with a 24″ repeat space.

▪    Q: What is the smallest slit roll I can receive?

     A: To maintain the accuracy and prohibit wandering, the smallest width is 4.5″