Polar Shield™

Polar Shield™ Winter Covers

Supporting an American manufacturer and American workers, the Polar Shield™ Winter Cover is available in standard stock sizes and custom shapes. Manufactured in Amsterdam, NY these heavy duty covers are designed to last – and that’s why we’re giving it a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What makes the Polar Shield™ Winter Cover different?

Heavy Duty

Is the coating so thin that you can almost see through your winter cover? Not on the Polar Shield™

Winter Cover. This cover has a thick, UV treated coating and is one of the thickest covers available today.


With an impressive weave the Polar Shield™ Winter Cover is nearly tear proof. Even if punctured by a knife the Polar Shield™ Winter Cover holds strong against tearing and can be patched without requiring replacement. That’s right, made from the identical material as the Polar Shield™ Winter Cover, we offer an industrial patch kit to cover common wear spots from nuts & bolts, or accidental punctures.


The Polar Shield™ Winter Cover is manufactured by NTI Global, a company that has been providing quality products for over 30 years. We stand behind our Solar Pool Covers, Reel Covers, accessories and all other products. Know that when you purchase a Polar Shield™ Winter Cover you are supporting an American manufacturer who produces American quality products!