Marine Products


Clear, waterproof pattern material that’s easy to use and won’t stretch!

With it’s strong and flexible composition Template Perfect pattern material works great on any job, anywhere! Its unique non-stretch see through composition allows you to quickly produce accurate patterns. Pattern material so good… we had to call it perfect!

Customers have been shopping with confidence, having assurance that their marine pattern material will get the job done. For more information about NTI Global or how we can help with your template perfect needs please visit us online or Call 1-800-947-7767 x116 to speak with our customer service specialists, to place orders, get a free quote, or for any questions you may have. Easy sailing to your marine fabric needs.

▪    Strong

▪    Waterproof

▪    Supple

▪    Clear

▪    Won’t Stretch

▪    Multiple Sizes