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Custom Products

Live Concert
Fabric Machinery in Factory
Military Humvee
Sewing Machine
Crowd Silhouette

Do you need an FR treated, Berry compliant cover for temporary machine instillations?

Perhaps a MIL spec green carry satchel for tent stakes?

Do you have a small batch of custom coated materials you need slit to specific widths?

Don’t waste time sourcing materials, testing laboratories, and contract manufacturers. Our team is here to help from prototype to finished product. Let us work with you to build the best quality product for the intended application. 


Product Development Process

  • Identify the best process for production (ie; chainstitch, lockstitch, RF welded, Hot air welded)

  • Sample and select materials (ie; woven, laminated, coated, PE, PVC)

  • Manage testing with laboratories (ie; flame certification, Berry compliance, tensile strength, ASTM, UL)

Over the years we’ve helped with some unique projects. Here are a few we can talk about:

  • Platinum Recording Artist Stage Sets

  • World Renowned Sensory Immersive Exhibits

  • New York City Fashion Week

  • Presidential Inaugurations

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