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As a Manufacturer of Flexible Ducting, our ducting is great for use with a wide range of blowers, fans, and other ventilating equipment.


High strength, flame retardant vinyl fabric thermally sealed to an ASTM approved helical wire makes this a top choice for applications delivering fresh air or venting work areas.


Sewn and heat welded duct are available.


Flexible Ducting is available in various diameters and end options. Ask For Us By Name brands in the flexible ducting market. 

Do you need an FR treated, Berry compliant cover for temporary machine instillations?

Perhaps a MIL spec green carry satchel for tent stakes?

Do you have a small batch of custom coated materials you need slit to specific widths?

Don’t waste time sourcing materials, testing laboratories, and contract manufacturers. Our team is here to help from prototype to finished product. Let us work with you to build the best quality product for the intended application. 

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