• About NTI

    NTI Global is a diverse manufacturing corporation. NTI Global specializes in the production of four product divisions; Industrial ducting, packaging, dog agility products, and fabric converting. With years of hard work and dedication, NTI Global has expanded the business and now serves customers all over the world. Manufacturing Excellence for Over 35 Years! An American Company Producing American Quality. When

  • Employment

    Manufacturing Excellence, Celebrating over 35 Years in Business! NTI Global is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment. Working for NTI Global requires energy, commitment, flexibility and most important teamwork. We recognize how important it is to have a diverse work environment where everyone can contribute to their full potential. If you

  • Testimonials

    Meet a few of our happy customers from around the world! Click read more (below) to see what our customers think about our high quality products/brands, and our excellent customer service across many industries! These testimonials/notes/reviews and shout outs have been sent in from our customers and we wanted to share with you what they are saying...